Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast will make you think that you’ve found heaven on earth. That’s the kind of effect this stretch of Italian coastline tends to have on the 5 million annual visitors who visit here. It is located in the Campania region of Italy, this top destination covers 34 miles of majestic terrain. There are high costal cliffs that are amazing to see and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean create a scene that will put travelers in complete awe.

The coast and the 13 seaside towns are all connected via the SS163 highway which is considered one of the most scenic drives in the world. Each town comes equipped with signature Amalfi geography, as well as standout attributes of its own. The pastel-colored¬†Positano¬†draws in the rich and famous for its luxurious cliffside resorts and fine Italian dining, while the town of Amalfi is Italy’s oldest republic, once serving as a big commercial and technical hub in the Mediterranean. The alpine town of Ravello and its ancient villas and stunning ocean views will be stuck in your memory for years to come. Praiano’s secluded shorelines will appease beach lovers and Minori is home to one of the oldest pastas in the world. And if you plan on passing through Cetara, you can stop at an ancient Norman tower, which according to legend, was founded by Hercules himself. The Amalfi Coast will be a trip to remember.