Rome, Italy

Rome is number two on my list of top destinations to travel to in the world. The city offers so much that you’ll need much more than a day to take in this timeless city. The city is a real-life collage of piazzas, open-air markets, and astonishing historic sites. Going hungry is one thing no traveler should ever worry about while in Rome; the city is literally overrun with good places to eat. The busy area just south of the Spanish Steps is full of them, and the maze of intersecting side streets tucked between Via del Corso and Piazza Novana contains dozens as well.The best area to stay in is the half-mile stretch between Piazza Navona and Piazza Barberini. Some rooms here are pricey but you’ll also find plenty of small family-run hotels nearby.

The Roman Forum is an amazing site. Strolling through the ruins, you can almost imagine the citizens of Ancient Rome walking the cobblestoned streets in togas and bringing sacrifices to the temples. The most internationally recognized symbol of Rome, the Colosseum has a long and bloody history. Buy your tickets in advance for this spot. St. Peter’s Basilica may be a pilgrimage site for Catholics, but even non-believers can appreciate the church’s architectural majesty. Rome is a must see city and a top destination to visit.

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